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The history of glass development is a history of consumption upgrading
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Now when it comes to consumption upgrades, everyone naturally thinks of various high-tech, cultural education, health care, ARVR and other high-level. In fact, the real consumption upgrade has always been around us, but the more we are around us It is easy to be ignored, and glass is like this.

 Our ordinary people are too familiar with glass, from glass windows, glass cups to mobile phone glass casings, etc., which have glass, and the capital market talks about glass, it is put into the cycle industry such as building materials, it seems that there are many Distance, but in fact, without the development of glass, it is impossible to have all kinds of high-tech now. The history of glass development is precisely a history of consumption upgrading and even the history of human civilization.

 Glass, like ceramics, has a long history and has been used by humans for thousands of years without interruption.

 The world's glass development profile was around 2500 BC, and the earliest glass appeared in Egypt and Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq). Egypt began to make glass beads and small utensils from solid models made of clay. Around 1500 BC, Egypt's glass manufacturing technology was developed: a ceramic core was inserted into the molten glass body and the glass melt was adhered to the core to make a useful hollow vessel for the first time. Used to hold oil and ointment.

The history of glass development is a history of consumption upgrading

The glass manufacturing of ancient China and Greece was developed separately. During the Spring and Autumn Period of the Warring States Period (770 BC 221 BC), high-lead bismuth silicate glass appeared, which is unique to China in the world. Its products include glaze (collectively referred to as ancient Chinese glass) 璧 and beads. In the Han Dynasty around the BC, there was another rare potassium silicate glass in the world. China's glass has had an impact on its neighbors such as North Korea and Japan.

 Since its inception, glass has been changing and developing in the course of thousands of years of history. From daily glassware to optoelectronic technology glass, architectural glass, automotive glass, etc., it has deeply affected human social activities. The development of high technology continues to put forward many new requirements for glass. Glass is replacing materials that are not rich in resources and expensive.

 Going bigger, it can be said that if there is no development and application of glass in various industries, almost all industrial and technological civilizations of modern medicine, communication, digital technology, real estate, automobiles, etc. are now impossible to develop, let alone the current Internet, So-called high-end industries that lead to the future, such as Apple, mobile phones, and artificial intelligence.

 Looking down, we are surrounded by a variety of electrical appliances, mobile phones, cars, houses, etc., the proportion of glass applications is more and more extensive, such as the modern city's glass curtain wall construction has long replaced the traditional masonry concrete structure, the more mobile phone screen The larger the casing is, the more the casing is being developed from plastic to metal, and the glass is made of material.

It is not difficult to see that with the development of our economic technology, there is only a growing demand for glass and more and more elaborate craftsmanship. Is this not the basis for consumption upgrading?

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